Advocacy is a process of endeavouring to convince others, generally decision-makers, to support a campaign or a policy that one considers important.
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YETT values sharing experiences between youth actors from the local to international level as a strategy for building its organizational capacity and extending its influence in the quest of attaining its vision. Read More

Capacity Building

YETT’s vision is to create a sustainable youth civil society with young-people led institutions that aspire to deliver effective Programmes. Read More

Generational Dialogue

These dialogues seek to create open communication among generations and cultures that enable increasing communication across the boundaries of age. Read More

leadership development

Since its inception, YETT has been developing young leaders through its flagship Youth Leadership and Development Course famously known as the “Winter School”. Read More

Young women leadership development

YETT has designed programs for promoting the participation of young women. These programs offer opportunities to equip young women to participate in different foras and also impart them with assertiveness skills. Read More


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