Leadership Development Course

Since its inception, YETT has been developing young leaders through its flagship Youth Leadership and Development Course famously known as the “Winter School”. The course builds the capacity of young leaders to meet the youth leadership demands in Zimbabwe. The Winter School draws youth from across all sectors and spheres of society; including but not limited to the civic society, business, entrepreneurship, grassroots and individual leadership spaces. Through this flagship leadership program, YETT annually develops for the local and international society a cohort of vibrant and enterprising young leaders who through the years grow to assume influential positions in existing institutions or those that they start. Since the 2004, the organization has trained over 500 young leaders in 15 editions of the annual Winter School. Alumni of the YETT Winter School occupy influential positions in society ranging from civic society organizations, business and government. The YETT Winter School is a holistic course which does not address notions of leadership only, but also introduces youth to the concept of development and its  intricacies through familiarizing the young leaders to their world and the global village.

The Winter School class of 2019 comprised thirty-five (35) participants who were under leadership training by YETT. All thirty-five participants managed to attend the Leadership in Practice sessions from inception to end, registering 100% turnout of the total expected attendance. Of the thirty-five who attended, eighteen (18) were males, and seventeen(17) females. Through interactive sessions, discussions, group work, and on-the-job sessions, YETT managed to create a practicing environment for youth leadership, in which the participants proved their capacity to lead while simultaneously improving themselves to become effective leaders. The YETT   Winter School Alum continue to take up  leadership positions in their communities  based on knowledge acquired from the Leadership Development Coarse.


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