Young Zimbabweans! Happy New Year! As we ring in fresh beginnings, let’s not forget the realities some face. Words like “siya something” (bribe), “dhiza” (cheat), “oiler” (fixer), and “yedrink” (bribery) whisper in the shadows, tempting shortcuts in tough situations. These challenges, rooted in limited opportunities and systemic hurdles, often push young people towards the murky waters of unethical choices.

Imagine securing a driver’s license not by passing the test, but by “greasing the palm.” Recovering confiscated goods, not through legal recourse, but with a “backdoor fee.” Even a sweet gesture for your Valentine might involve a little fib about “extra school fees” to squeeze out some cash.

In these moments, the crossroads loom large. Choosing the ethical path can feel like climbing a steeper hill, while the underhand route beckons with its seemingly quick fix. But remember, young Zimbabweans, there’s always a better way. A way that aligns with your integrity, your values, the values that will build a brighter Zimbabwe for all.

Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) is introducing a youth corner to discuss issues of integrity and what we experience as young people in our daily lives. This youth corner will be open to all youth who want to share their experiences and recommendations around issues of integrity and honesty. Youth (persons aged between 15 and 35 years) can make submissions in the form of poems, researches, articles, cartoons and testimonials to the contacts shared at the end of this article. The themes have to encourage a culture of integrity amongst youth in their diverse settings (schools, colleges, business) and can include your ideas on what integrity means and youth experiences. The submissions have to be creative and innovative submissions that can teach youth or encourage them to adopt a culture of integrity, honest work and morality.

Our aim is to encourage youth to live with integrity, nurture a habit of honesty and promote youth ethical decision making for themselves, their families, friends and community. To share your views on integrity and ethics and your experiences around such issues you can send an your submission to youthintegrity@yetzw.netor WhatsApp on 0784 679 788. To talk to us you can also send a text message to 0784 679 788. Kindly note with every submission you will be asked to submit a short profile of yourself and sign off to permission to publish your contribution on this youth corner.

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