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Since its inception, YETT has been developing young leaders through its flagship Youth Leadership and Development Course known as the Winter School. Since the 2004, the organization has trained over 250 young leaders in 8 editions of the annual Winter School. Alumni of the YETT Winter School occupy influential positions in society ranging from civic society organizations, business and government.

The YETT Winter School is a holistic course which, not only addresses notions of leadership, but also introduces youth to the concept of development and its intricacies through familiarizing the young leaders to their world and the global village.

In 2016 Youth Leadership and Development course (Winter School) held in Matobo increased the capacity of 20 young people who were trained to take up leadership positions in public and private sector.

By November 2016 33% of the trained females and 28% male Winter School Alumni had taken up leadership positions in the communities , while 6 trained had started implementing their  action plans based on knowledge acquired and the projects involved planting drought resistant crops as part of their disaster risk reduction mechanism and serving at a local orphanage.

Through, several meetings between the youth and institutions such as parliament, government ministries and other key stakeholders organizations YETT has been working to promote youth participation in various initiatives related to the country’s political future and framework.YETT also worked with partner organizations to mobilize young people to attend and submit their views on the electoral amendment bill.All this work has been done in partnership with several other youth partner organizations thereby fostering coordination of youth work in the country.

A variety of platforms in the form of potluck gatherings and advocacy coordination meetings are offered annually to about 9580 young people with opportunities to respond to context specific issues related to the welfare of young people and their voices were consolidated into statements presented to decision makers as well as articles published in the media.

YETT has also led the process of advocating for the National Youth Policy review in 2009 through coordinating and consolidating youth voices at grassroots level by way of provincial consultations in all administrative provinces of the country. The input of the consultations was presented to the Ministry of Youth Development Indigenization and Empowerment leading to the government youth policy review process led by the ZYC. In addition, YETT has been participating in advocacy initiatives for youth participation in the development of the national healing framework, the new electoral law and the constitution among others.

Our Organisation

YETT is a youth networking organization committed to the full participation of young people in sustainable development through advocacy and capacity building of youth organizations in Zimbabwe.

We exist primarily to serve the youth and youth organisations and to ensure that the youth are involved in all aspects of development without resorting to violent means.

We work with youth-led organizations that work directly with marginalised young people in urban and rural areas.