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Youth participation

img 0205YETT has been championing youth participation in national discourse and broader development process. The strategy involves continuously monitoring key legislation with a view to provide timely responses on issues affecting youth and youth organization’s as such YETT has been a leading youth voice on policy advocacy by either creating platforms for policy discourse or mobilizing and organizing youth for a common policy agenda.

Through, several meetings between the youth and institutions such as parliament, government ministries and other key stakeholders organizations YETT has been working to promote youth participation in various initiatives related to the country’s political future and framework, among others the constitutional review and the participation of youth in parliamentary and presidential elections as well as advocacy so as to ensure an environment that is conducive for young people to take part effectively in future electoral processes.

YETT also works with partner organizations to mobilize young people in increasing youth participation through the following interventions:

Youth Budgeting Makes Cents (YBMC)

dsc 0201These efforts are meant to champion youth participation in local and national development processes using a strategy that brings together young people’s advocacy efforts into acoordinatedprogramme for enhanced participation of young people in decision-making processes.The coordinated advocacy campaigns facilitates the pooling of skills, resources and experiences among the 33 YETT partner organizations to develop relevant campaigns that assist in the inclusion of youth aspirations in local and national decision-making processes.

Strategies are also in place to facilitate the participation of youth in the national budget formulation and while follow up meetings with decision-makers are held to ensure accountability and increase the participation of young people in public consultative meetings so as to ensure that youth development programmes are adequately funded in the budget.

Working with Media

mediaawardsYETT contributes to increased citizens’ access to information through the providing education and information to the public.Advocacy efforts by YETT and YETT partners are also complimented by the use of media which utilized on YETT information activities as well as efforts to ensure that the media industry in Zimbabwe remains relevant to the young people.

YETT also acknowledges journalists who portray youths as positive drivers of social change in communities through the third edition of the Youth Voice Media Awards which have been instrumental in motivating journalists to promote youth issues in their reporting hence increased coverage of youth challenges and aspirations in the mainstream media. In the past year, 54% of the publications contributed by 328 journalists were from female journalists, who paid particular attention to issues on women empowerment, effects of HIV/AIDS and early child marriages, alternative livelihoods as well as respect of youth rights.

Youth Engage

img 5965YETT realizes that sustainable participation of young people is premised on its core values of inclusivity and cooperation; hence strategies have been implemented to increase interaction of the community and key stakeholders in the process of problem identification and development of solutions to address these challenges.

Through conducting Action Research YETT has reached about 1000 youths who are now confident to gather information that can be used to dialogue with key stakeholders on the possibility of testing the proposed solutions within their respective communities.

At the same time, YETT has been using the Rights Way Forward Process in selected communities to coordinate young people to contribute in solving community challenges by developing solutions and working with duty-bearers in addressing them.

Youth Participation in Elections

img 0132YETT’s work in urging young people to register to vote is captured through mass mobilization and online campaigns. Through its network of 33members, YETT mobilized the registration and participation of 100 000youths in the 2008 and 250 000youth in the 2013 elections. YETT’s strength lies in being able to mobilize large numbers of youths to participate throughout the country within a short space of time. A successful intervention in the 2013 elections was the ‘Real Swag is My Vote’ campaign which saw thousands of youth registering to vote as a result of using the popularity of music and artists to draw crowds. Parallel to the Real Swag is my vote campaign was the online campaign entitled Ballot Buddies Youth network, a drive which reached a circle of friendship and directly created awareness among 10 000 young people directly while the viral reach according to social media insights social media was close to 56 000 people.

YETT’s non-partisan efforts have brought together political parties, especially their youth wings, to strategize on common efforts for solving youth issues in the country.

YETT also provided platforms for youth representatives from different political parties to dialogue as a strategy to create common opinions on youth challenges.  In the run up to 2013 elections, spotlight debates were held with youth political leaders who gave varied opinions on youth challenges, therefore, setting the tone for continuous dialogue based on clear priorities, which are informed by the clear resolutions presented by young people

Vision | Mission

Our Vision
A just, inclusive and prosperous society where young people fully participate and lead in sustainable development.

Our Mission
A youth networking organisation committed to the full participation of young people in sustainable development through advocacy and capacity building of youth organisations in Zimbabwe


  • Fairness: - having a set of standards that we apply equally to all partners.
  • Participation: - involvement of people of our concern.
  • Transparency: - clear procedures
  • Accountability: - being answerable to our stakeholders.
  • Commitment: - dedication to our cause
  • Integrity: - honesty and consistency in our dealings
  • Cooperation: - mutual support and team work
  • Inclusivity: - all encompassing