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YETT values sharing experiences between youth actors in different countries as a strategy for building its organizational capacity and extending its influence in the quest of attaining its vision. As such YETT cooperates, at various levels, with like-minded youth organizations in the region and at international level.YETT international partnerships seek to cooperate with similar organizations in order to share experiences and facilitate learning that enhances the institution work as a networking organization, including the organization’s responsibilities in capacity building.

YETT’s current international partnerships can be summarized in the following cooperation:

Regional Cooperation:YETT engages in an annual leadership exchange withSwaziland Youth Empowerment Organization (LUVATSI).Each year, 4 young people take part in this programme where youth leadership is taught from the perspective of building capacity within communities to address youth development concerns. In addition, YETT utilizes on its long-term cooperation with youth networking organizations in Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Namibia and Botswana to coordinate youth cluster activities at the SADC People’s Summit thus providing an opportunity for regional advocacy.YETT has consolidated its alliances with youth organizations from various Southern African countries through successfully hosting 2 regional conferences under the theme Participate 2013 and Participate 2014.

Global Action Local Empowerment (GALE) is facilitated by the cooperation with National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations (LSU) which started in 2011 and seeks to strengthen YETT as a networking organization, facilitate cooperation between YETT partner organizations and members of GALE network providing opportunities for capacity building and international advocacy. Since inception the cooperation has connected YETT to other international partners. Notable contributions have been the implementation of the Youth Cooperation Initiative (YCI) facilitating Zimbabwean partner organizations cooperating with other organizations on advocacy and youth participation projects. In addition, increased cooperation between YETT in Zimbabwe and Youth Alive Kenya,has facilitated mutual learning which is crucial for both organizations capacity development especially in areas such as monitoring and evaluation and financial management.

Cooperation with Danish Youth Council (DUF): The cooperation between DUF and YETT has existed since 2010 and the two very like-minded organizations with similar interests have been working effectively to develop each other’s capacity in the areas of advocacy and capacity building of partner organizations for effective participation.The results of the cooperation can be traced in the following manner. YETT and DUF jointly participated in an advocacy training which increased YETT’s competence in planning and implementation of advocacy activities.

In addition, YETT staff has received mentorship on process facilitation, which resulted in YETT staff having increased competence in engaging with partners and other relevant stakeholders.
The cooperation also leverages on the skills DUF have developed over the years to promote the practice of democracy. The cooperation between, YETT and DUF has also benefited from the tripartite agreement with the National Council of Swedish Youth Organization (LSU) resulting in led to the successful coordination and hosting of the inaugural international global advocacy conference- “Participate 2015” held in Zimbabwe

Vision | Mission

Our Vision
A just, inclusive and prosperous society where young people fully participate and lead in sustainable development.

Our Mission
A youth networking organisation committed to the full participation of young people in sustainable development through advocacy and capacity building of youth organisations in Zimbabwe


  • Fairness: - having a set of standards that we apply equally to all partners.
  • Participation: - involvement of people of our concern.
  • Transparency: - clear procedures
  • Accountability: - being answerable to our stakeholders.
  • Commitment: - dedication to our cause
  • Integrity: - honesty and consistency in our dealings
  • Cooperation: - mutual support and team work
  • Inclusivity: - all encompassing