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7 Capri Road, Highlands,

Harare, Zimbabwe.

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YETT’s vision is to create asustainable youth civil society with young-people led institutions that aspireto deliver effective programmes, hence continued involvement in the capacity development of youth organizations through trainings and support for implementing activities. The capacity-building approach combines strengthening capacities of youth organizations as well as individuals for effective leadership, while resources are also provided to support community based initiatives to facilitate youth development

YETT has been involved in capacity development of youth organizations through grant making and trainings. Through its grant making functions YETT has provided, both, activity-based support and institutional funding to over 40 youth organizations since 2004, spending about three million dollars on youth organizations, mostly community based initiatives addressing challenges in youth development covering the areas of HIV/AIDS, education and youth participation in decision making among others.

The grant making function has been supported with training in such areas as organizational development, advocacy, projects and grants management, among many other, trainings that have strengthened youth organizations and enhanced their roles in national development.

As an organization, YETT has a direct stake in the improved participation of youth in national discourse through its initiatives that have strengthened the collective voice of youth.12 youth organizations that have received technical and financial support from YETT have since developed into strong youth organizations that employ between 6-12 young people and are attracting funding from other developmental partners.

Our Organisation

YETT is a youth networking organization committed to the full participation of young people in sustainable development through advocacy and capacity building of youth organizations in Zimbabwe.

We exist primarily to serve the youth and youth organisations and to ensure that the youth are involved in all aspects of development without resorting to violent means.

We work with youth-led organizations that work directly with marginalised young people in urban and rural areas.