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YETT Youth Leadership Development Course - Winter School 2018

The Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) is looking to develop the capacity of young leaders aged 18 to 25 years who have an interest in youth development. The YETT Leadership Development Winter School is a flagship-training program for YETT which started in 2005 with the aim of building youth leaders for Zimbabwe.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

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African Youth Charter

The African Youth Charter is an important document in promoting young people's rights. It outlines young people's rights to health, education and skills development.

Below is the document

Assessment of Issues Influencing Youth Participation by Tafadzwa Macheka on Scribd

Anine and Aksel are both from Norway and participants on the FK exchange program between Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust and SAIH in Norway. Today, the 17th of May, is quite a special and big day for these guys. We asked them what it was that was so special about this day.

The 17th of May is the day when all Norwegians take to the streets to celebrate Norway’s national day. Every nation has a national day, but not many of them are so enthusiastically and uniquely celebrated as the 17th of May in Norway. On this day, Norwegians are out on the streets celebrating from early morning to late night, and I am sure that if you ask a Norwegian which day of the year is their favourite, they will most likely reply the 17th of May. The central elements of the 17th of May are the big children’s parades and the abundance of Norwegian flags. Buses, buildings, even babies’ pushchairs are decorated with the Norwegian flag, and people are dressed in their national costumes called “Bunad”.

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