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13 Key Asks for Government of Zimbabwe Featured

The 13 Youth Key ASKs to the Government of Zimbabwe


During this phase, branded “Dawn of a new ERA”, the youth in Zimbabwe organised through National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO), National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) and Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) have developed thirteen key asks that they want considered by the new government.

Education and Skills Development

“We want an education that empowers us to get jobs and be active citizens. At tertiary level, we want government supported internships and not to pay tuition during attachment”


Key Ask 1: Broader education that includes Civic education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship training compliant with technological advancements; and

Key Ask 2: An Inclusive and sustainable education system and financing that considers quality, affordability and the special needs of youth with disabilities. 

Governance and Elections

“As young people we constitute more that half of the population and as such we want to claim half of all posts in politics, if violence associated with electoral processes is removed we can compete fairly and express ourselves much better”


Key Ask 3: Introduce a competency based youth quota system (50%) in political representation at political party level, parliament and in government for effective youth representation and participation in democratic processes and access to political decision-making;

Key Ask 4: Electoral and institutional reforms that ensure the delivery of free and fair elections, accountable government, devolution and Zero tolerance to corruption; and

Key Ask 5: A well funded non-partisan youth run and youth led National Youth Council that is independent from the Executive’s interference.


Land and Natural Resources Governance

“When the land redistribution was done we were very young and we didn’t get anything, now we are old and we need land both for housing and farming, we see large tracks of land being under utilised, we also want to benefit from our diamonds and other minerals”


Key Ask 6: Guided under the principle of “Use it or loose it” there should be a land audit and redistribution programme aimed at promoting productivity and equitable land ownership; and

Key Ask 7: Review of the mineral resource governance laws to improve on transparency and accountability, ensure youth focused benefits from mining revenue through the existing community share ownership trust schemes, support to the artisanal and small-scale mining and local enterprise development.


Peace Building and Human Rights

“Even with a good constitution we still live under fear, we have not healed from past injustices and we are yet to feel safe in our country especially during times of campaigning”


Key Ask 8: A functional National Peace and Reconciliation commission that promotes national healing and address the legacy of politically motivated violence and human rights abuses; and

Key Ask 9: Realignment of laws to the constitution to make the bill of rights effectual, ensure separation of power and detach partisan interests from state affairs.


Employment and Livelihoods

“We want jobs, we want to be supported to create jobs”


Key Ask 10: Creation of an enabling environment that acknowledges and supports the informal sector and promotes the ease of doing business for both local and foreign investors and business incubators; this may include the review of the indigenisation framework; and

Key Ask 11: Harmonisation of training institutions or skills development to ensure provision of suitable skills for the labor market. 

Health and Wellbeing

“Youth’s health issues are not prioritised, our health system primarily focuses on children and the old people and this has left youth vulnerable”

Key Ask 12: Health financing should meet the Abuja declaration so as to ensure access to affordable and quality public health care services and commodities such as sanitary wear for girls; and

Key Ask 13: Promote youth health especially in the provision of rehabilitation for drug addicts, recreation facilities for healthy lifestyles and sexual and reproductive health including HIV.