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YETT and DUF host 50 young leaders Featured

By Itayi Usaiwevhu
26 young people selected from YETT partner organizations will at the end of this month travel to Denmark to take part in Participate 2017.
Dansk UngdomsFællesråd (DUF) in partnership with Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) is looking forward to hosting 50 delegates from Zimbabwe and Denmark from 1-5 November 2017 under the theme “Motivate to Participate”.


Participate 2017 is an international youth conference that provides young leaders with a global networking and experience exchange platform in pursuit of effective youth participation and inclusive youth organizations.
“We are excited to be hosting this conference, comprised to study tours, experience exchange platforms, joint conferences and capacity-building sessions focusing on practical tools and methodologies for internal democracy, inclusive participation and membership mobilization”, said Jesper JaisNørgaard, DUF International Consultant.

Meanwhile, participants at the conference are looking forward to new knowledge that is useful for effective youth participation.
“Young people should be involved in matters that affect their livelihood thus, being part of this convention will be a platform and opportunity to learn the various means and techniques of advocacy”, said TariroMwandiambira from Young Achievement for Sport Development.

The conference has been developed with the understanding that among youths there are special groups who are marginalized due to their geographical location, gender, ethnicity, disability or effects of their health conditions. PaidamwoyoChimhini from Deaf Zimbabwe Trust believes her participation will increase the visibility of disability issues and increased empowerment to better serve young people with special needs.
“The conference offers an opportunity for Deaf Zimbabwe trust to network with other organisations working on disability issues so as to be more effective in advocacy”, she said.
In many situations people affected by challenges often hold the solutions and only equal participation in the decision-making process can lead to collective intelligence. Participate 2017 has emphasis on the use of dialogue to increase youth participation.

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